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Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Successful businesses stand out for excelling in the areas of:

  • Customer/consumer satisfaction levels
  • Employee satisfaction within their work environment
  • Financial and economic proliferation

Quality management targets these goals by guaranteeing a sophisticated and lucent process organization and by ensuring an optimum output and skill level of all contributing parties.
To this effect, demands for norms and standards such as for instance DIN EN ISO 90001 are constituted within the framework of the “Business Management System“.

WOLDEAB Technology Consulting offers support and assistance in organizing, setting up, executing and also analyzing already existing measures of quality management by providing the following services:

  • Advisory and consulting services in all aspects of quality management
  • Providing in-house training in the areas of the fundamentals of QM and its means, statistical quality inspection, further and comprehensive TQM, as well as integrated “management system“ (quality, safety)
  • Your employees become a focal point in the process of implementing change and optimization by receiving comprehensive training introducing them to a quality aware approach of accomplishing tasks and goals
  • Guidance and assistance in achieving the certification of your quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (or DIN EN ISO 14001).
  • Support in the compilation of your QM documentation: QM reference manual, process and directive assignments, general plan of procedures as well as operating procedures (intranet solution or print version)
  • Preparative arrangements and execution of in-house and external quality audits
  • Distinctive set up and enhancement of labor protection measures
  • Overall project management in the QM domain

Health and Safety Management

The plethora of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) regulations as well as the aim of preventing damages and injuries and respectively occupational illnesses poses high demands to HSE-Management and therefore the person exercising and implementing those management activities.

WTC assists you in this venture with following services:


QM Systems

A systematically planned and administered QM system is an efficient tool in securing and increasing corporate success.

WTC supports you in this reaching this aim by:


Consulting in Certification Procedures

WTC guides you through auditing, assessment and validation procedures - servicing manufacturing and service providing industries in regards to quality, environmental and safety matters in particular.

WTC assists you in certification procedures:


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