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Thursday, June 20, 2024

From concept idea to finished product

In times of continually increasing costs and constant competitive pressure and globalization, the growth of the number of products entering the market including the increase of product variety and complexity, product management has become the driving force in generating and establishing high-profit products, while merging market demands and customer needs. Unfortunately, a clear cut agenda, an accessible interface and professionalism tend to get lost along the way of this process unless product management is handled by a proficient and experienced partner.

Companies investing in professional product management maintain a clear advantage over their competitors. Hence, establishing a sophisticated modus operandi in the quest for technical solutions and service matters as well as their market presentation gives them an edge over rivaling companies and in the end results in a more competitive and innovative market presence. Furthermore, they efficiently know how to steer the different stages of innovation processes and manage strategically to join basic development with specific customer requests/modifications. In consequence, they are able to put out more high-profit products in a shorter time and modify existing products faster than their competitors.

Woldeab Technology Consulting will assist you in all stages of creating requirements profiles. We will supervise development activities and the subsequent market launch. To ensure a successful product management approach we provide you with the following services:

  • Development of a strategically planned product road map
  • Market research accompanying product development stages and product launch
  • Coordination of all processes involved in product creation by conjoining the sectors of research, development, system engineering and distribution
  • Also any coordination and implementation of product related and needed processes in any product activity related matter, encompassing the product life cycle to ensure ongoing improvement of the product
  • Acquiring contacts networking for you to establish valuable relationship to industry relevant entities such as: (certification) authorities, manufacturers, distributors and research facilities
  • Composition of product description and  articles in industry relevent (print) media or internet forums
  • Assistance in training for various sectors such as service and distribution

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