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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Together we will lead your project to success!

WOLDEAB Technology Consulting independently coordinates and navigates the development, planning and realization of your complex and goal-oriented projects. Benefit from our long-time experience in the subject fields of project managements, integrated IT management and interim management in various industries.


Integrated IT Management

IT management considerably contributes to a company's profit and revenue margin by directly impacting the value contribution of the IT department while minimizing risks and costs. Therefore WTC utilizes IT management as a powerful tool to integrate all relevant and tangent disciplines that are of concern to your IT projects.


Interim Management

The concept of interim management is defined by an interim manager taking over a specific range of tasks for a limited period of time while being fully responsible for outcome and results under his leadership. After completing the assigned project or task the interim manager leaves the company. Therefore, interim management is a fast and effective means of solving pressing personnel issues and filling vacant positions or further, solving specific task situations and business challenges.


Project Management

Are you in search for a genuine expert in the field of project management?
With Woldeab Technology Consulting you have found a competent partner. We offer you professional expertise and support in portfolio management, multi project management, and operational project monitoring/management.


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